Saturday, October 8, 2011

OOOTD* Lace Waisted Dress in Rust

*Old Outfit of the Day!
My camera has been recovered, and I spent a wonderful day opshopping (thrifting) and buying new plants at a nursery.
Kumquat, Climbing Rose, and Raspberry plants! New babies!
 So, here is my very first purchase from ASOS Curve, the Lace Waisted Dress in Rust.
 Please don't mind my hair, I have every intention of dying it, I just have a procrastination problem. ^_^

Sookie has a habit of being photographed
So, this dress had me super nervous. I didn't know if it would fit because even with measurements and all, some websites are super iffy about sizing. Many plus size places have provisions in place for the bust, and comparatively, I don't have much of one.
I needn't have worried, because it fit me gorgeously! It is so comfortable, with a really lovely jersey fabric underneath, and stretchy in a really subtle way - that is, it fit against my skin and stretched where I needed stretch, but the lace overlay made it look as if it weren't stretching at all.
It has cute sleeves, too - I hadn't ever seen sleeves like that before, with cute little points along them that I thought made my arms look smaller, which is always a win!
I wore it with black tights by Target, which upon looking at the pictures were likely not the best choice - I thought they looked better at the time, so that's slightly annoying.

This is my favourite bangle/bracelet ever, ever, ever. Its by Disney Couture, and I got it from ASOS in the same order. It is gold plated, and has "Have faith in your dreams" in gold raised out of baby pink enamel. It has a little clasp, and it fits my wrist so well, and goes with just about everything. It came in a super cute purple satin pouch, which I wish I had photographed before it got lost in the whirling abyss that is my bedroom.


The bag is vintage GloMesh, thrifted in a rural Salvation Army store, and the necklace is actually a super cute watch by Oasis, bought from, you guessed it, ASOS. It came on a very long silver chain but I thought it looked kind of cheap and nasty. The watch itself is sort of heavy, and coated in a thick white enamel, and the chain really threw it off, so I put it on a gold loop chain I've had for a few years (my mother gave it to me when I turned 16) and it really made it look better. I can't read it myself from there, obviously, but The Boy tells me the time anyway. When I've been out on my own I've worn a longer chain, and I recently safety pinned it to a floral handbag (I triple pinned it, because you can never be too careful, but the pins were on the inside so as not to make it too obvious) and that was super super cute.

The earrings I got for only a couple of dollars in an ASOS sale, and I know you can't see them too well. They are little floral balls hanging off hoops, with a regular earring hook above. The price has gone back up again, but they are still only really cheap, and great quality for the price.

Disney Couture Bangle 
AU 46.27 GBP 28
Lace Waisted Dress  AU 36.35 GBP 22
Oasis Floral Ball Hoop Earrings  AU 10.74 GBP 6.50
Oasis White Bow Pendant Watch AU 23 GBP 13

I love this outfit. I love every piece. I hope you like it too.

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