Thursday, October 13, 2011

OOTD - Love at First Sight

So, I got two parcels today - an awesome luggage bag from Dorothy Perkins, and the Collar Insert Dress in Latte by ASOS Curve.
This dress was love at first sight. Oh my. Oh my. It is so fun and flirty and light and swirly and I just couldn't behave in it.

Twirling and carrying on? Me? Never!


Awesome awesome dress.


In other news, my awesome floral tapestry luggage bag from Dorothy Perkins came just in time to go housesitting!

All packed up and ready to go!

It is so much more bottomless than it looks. Nestled among my many treasures in there (other than the gin!) is an awesome River Island handbag I've been neglecting to take pictures of. I fell in love with it after seeing this post on Cupcakes Clothes. (I also bought the dress but it isn't here yet!)
As it is only Spring here in Australia the timing couldn't be better, even if I'm a bit behind the other bloggers!

I have a lot to do to get ready for housesitting, as I am also having a new friend over for dinner on Saturday night. To be honest I'm a bit of a nervous wreck about it. I don't often have friends over, and even though it isn't my house I feel very awkward about all the possible inadequacies. I'm not terribly good at socialising and being in such a small town (and such a strange girl!) it is hard to find new people and try to do the whole friend shebang. I want very much to have a small circle of good friends. I am not used to not having a circle of intimate chums, I 'lost' mine when I followed The Boy across the country.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Madness

This is my absolute favourite way to start the week!
Hello Monday!
I have had a terrific day. I slept in all morning, things totally went my way all afternoon, and I got a mega parcel from ASOS! Everythings coming up Milhouse!

So, without further ado... some snapshots! I haven't photographed everything, and if there is anything you want to see, just ask and I'll be only too willing to oblige!

Playsuit (AU 57 GBP 35)

This super unflattering shot was taken slightly from below but was the best shot The Boy could get from where he was standing. This is the Playsuit In Dandelion Star Print with the Metallic Metal Keeper Super Skinny Belt , both by ASOS Curve.
The playsuit was kind of annoying to get into, because there are buttons all the way up the front, but I say it was worth the effort. Super comfy and felt silky against my skin, divine.

Dress (AU 28 GBP 17)

Just for fun, a total 'Myspace' shot
This is the Scallop Detail Shift Dress by ASOS Curve. I think it is quite comfy, and totally fun. I'm wearing it as I type this entry. It's love. I forgot to tuck the little ribbon loops in before getting The Boy to take pictures, but I am not pedantic enough to let that force me into taking new would be neurotic... fight urge...fight urge...
Okay. So this dress doesn't have a lot of stretch, but it is a nice thick shiny fabric and has lovely little tucks in all the right places. This will definitely be another summer fave for me, and at just $28, you can't go wrong.
Yay Mondays!

I've posted a bunch today, so I might leave other photos and whatnot until tomorrow. I really like blogging, but I think it would be nice to get more comments! My hit counter is going up a lot faster at 135 in two days than my one comment and 4 followers in 2 weeks!
Leave me a message? <3

OOTD By Request - Bird Shirt

I bought this shirt because it was cheap (AU 13 GBP 8) and I thought it had the potential to be cute, and at that price it was worth a shot.

It isn't what I expected. Looking at the picture on the website, I expected it to be a starchy workshirt kind of cotton, because I rarely pay close attention to these kinds of things. In fact, it is the loveliest stretchy viscose, and could not be more comfortable.
I paired it with a flowy blue chiffon skirt by Rockmans and found it had the cutest retro feel.

I was rather bummed that my good bra has gone on some kind of walkabout, but this shirt was very forgiving, unlike others I tried on today! When I buttoned the shirt all the way up to the top, it had the sweetest innocent almost childlike kind of vibe.

I love this shirt! It is going to be a staple of my wardrobe this summer.


love love love, 

2 Months of ASOS

A week under 2 months since I discovered ASOS, 12 orders, 58 items, endless love.

Heres the majority of the clothes on a rack: (pants and skirts are on shared rods, so don't be fooled by the number of hangers)

and in a pile, because I was too lazy to bring them out of my wardrobe one by one:

This of course doesn't include jewellery and hair accessories, which I've also been accumulating rapidly.
I have not sent one single thing back, as I am yet to be disappointed.

That simple.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cleaned Up My Wardrobe!

Inspired by the gorgeous Charlotte of Sugar and Spice, as she posted an entry about her wardrobe and dresser, I finally took on the gargantuan task of cleaning up and organising my main wardrobe!
My dresser is in no fit form to be seen, but if I shift things around, I won't know where anything is, so it gets to stay as is and be my untidy little secret ^_^

I thought about doing before and afters, but the befores were far too shameful.
Yay Organisation!
I am supremely blessed in that this is only one of my wardrobes. The top cupboards hold shoes and luggage, and a lot of The Boy's old videogames and figurines. The wardrobe is in a room we refer to as 'my' room, which is pretty large and has no real purpose. We have 3 spare rooms and this is one of them, we own a 3 bedroom 2 lounge room house and have utilised the back lounge as a super big bedroom. I love it.

My cabinet of DOOM
Outfits to wear

I have quite a few dresses stashed around the house in various states of laundering, in addition to many many piles of random clothing here and there. I'm working on it.
My display cabinet and some treasures
A random assortment of homeless things

And a Disney princess balloon.

Which is about 18 months old now, and still going strong. <3

So, thats my main wardrobe, even if it looks terribly empty. It is where I keep my newest dresses, my shoes, and the handbags I use most (other than my everyday bottomless pit bag.) Also homeless things, childhood books, and the DVDs that The Boy doesn't want to admit are in his house. Apparently having my Friends boxset and such in the loungeroom is one thing but my holographic pink Barbie boxset or the Buffy DVDs are across some sort of line. Go figure. I have 3 other closets and another set of built in wardrobes, and many many many chests of drawers.

Eventually I'd like this room to be like a large dressing room, with a full length mirror and a couch and cube shelves to display my shoes. In the meantime, I settle for the bathroom mirror across the hall and spending time elsewhere, with my shoes in a pile in the pretty pink chifforobe. Le sigh.

A parting shot, my windows. Love.

With so much love,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blogging Isn't As Easy As I Thought (Japanese Gardens!)

Getting things all lined up and what not is harder than I thought it would be, and even just sitting down and typing out the post is more exhausting than I expected! I love it though, I really do.
Anyhow, on with the post, outfit links after the jump!
There are these beautiful Japanese gardens a couple of hours away from where I live, and on the last Saturday of September every year they have a Cherry Blossom Festival. I hadn't been since I was a little girl, because my family moved away from here when I was 10, and it took me 9 years to get it together and move back, which I eventually did because The Boy and his family live here and I knew he was THE boy for me.
So a couple of friends invited us to go with them this year, and off we went. It was beyond gorgeous, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Dress AU 26.44  GBP 16  ; Necklace AU 21.48  GBP  13

I loved the little Koi! We bought a bag of special fish food (which looked and smelt like cat food to me, but whatever) and fed them from a bridge. It was so cute watching them gaping and cavorting around trying to get the food.

<3<3<3 I love that I got a picture with The Boy, we don't have many pictures of us together AT ALL because we are always the ones behind the camera!

The DRESS! I love this dress, I adore this dress, I think it is the cutest dress in the world. It is the Waist Detail Floral Dress by ASOS. I can't believe I didn't think to get a shot of the back of it, because it has the cutest cut out, with buttons at the back of the neck. It is so much nicer than I was expecting from the website. It is a nice thick fabric, lightweight and cool but still substantial, so it doesn't feel cheap at all. You can't see my black undies underneath, so that is a definite plus for a summer dress, and it made me look infinitely more busty than I actually am. Which is a huge plus for me, but when my friend (who IS more blessed in the chest than most) tried it on she found it didn't make hers look any bigger, because she was actually filling out the pleats. So if you're smaller, it looks awesome, if you're bigger, it still looks awesome! (because said friend couldn't leave the house if her ladies looked any bigger.)

*ahem* MOVING ON.
I wore it with the bangle and necklace from my previous post, with some flat brown thrifted sandals and a gorgeous pair of earrings from (is it ever anywhere else lately?) ASOS.
ASOS Heart Shaped Floral Cameo Stud Earrings AU 5.78  GBP 3.50
 These might be the prettiest stud earrings I own. Seriously. They are so adorable and make me think of grandma treasures. Considering my style has been christened Granny Chic, they're perfect.

When my mother first visited my house (she lives in another state) I told her I was going for a "Grandmas house in the woods" type thing, and she said "Oh, yes. I can see THAT." in a tone that said I was stating the obvious. Which made me feel my work there was done. It may not be for everyone, but it is a style I adore. Kitsch is everything.

Well, my work here is done also. I need to take pictures of all my new things!

A sneaky peek at some things to come...

With love,

OOOTD* Lace Waisted Dress in Rust

*Old Outfit of the Day!
My camera has been recovered, and I spent a wonderful day opshopping (thrifting) and buying new plants at a nursery.
Kumquat, Climbing Rose, and Raspberry plants! New babies!
 So, here is my very first purchase from ASOS Curve, the Lace Waisted Dress in Rust.
 Please don't mind my hair, I have every intention of dying it, I just have a procrastination problem. ^_^

Sookie has a habit of being photographed
So, this dress had me super nervous. I didn't know if it would fit because even with measurements and all, some websites are super iffy about sizing. Many plus size places have provisions in place for the bust, and comparatively, I don't have much of one.
I needn't have worried, because it fit me gorgeously! It is so comfortable, with a really lovely jersey fabric underneath, and stretchy in a really subtle way - that is, it fit against my skin and stretched where I needed stretch, but the lace overlay made it look as if it weren't stretching at all.
It has cute sleeves, too - I hadn't ever seen sleeves like that before, with cute little points along them that I thought made my arms look smaller, which is always a win!
I wore it with black tights by Target, which upon looking at the pictures were likely not the best choice - I thought they looked better at the time, so that's slightly annoying.

This is my favourite bangle/bracelet ever, ever, ever. Its by Disney Couture, and I got it from ASOS in the same order. It is gold plated, and has "Have faith in your dreams" in gold raised out of baby pink enamel. It has a little clasp, and it fits my wrist so well, and goes with just about everything. It came in a super cute purple satin pouch, which I wish I had photographed before it got lost in the whirling abyss that is my bedroom.


The bag is vintage GloMesh, thrifted in a rural Salvation Army store, and the necklace is actually a super cute watch by Oasis, bought from, you guessed it, ASOS. It came on a very long silver chain but I thought it looked kind of cheap and nasty. The watch itself is sort of heavy, and coated in a thick white enamel, and the chain really threw it off, so I put it on a gold loop chain I've had for a few years (my mother gave it to me when I turned 16) and it really made it look better. I can't read it myself from there, obviously, but The Boy tells me the time anyway. When I've been out on my own I've worn a longer chain, and I recently safety pinned it to a floral handbag (I triple pinned it, because you can never be too careful, but the pins were on the inside so as not to make it too obvious) and that was super super cute.

The earrings I got for only a couple of dollars in an ASOS sale, and I know you can't see them too well. They are little floral balls hanging off hoops, with a regular earring hook above. The price has gone back up again, but they are still only really cheap, and great quality for the price.

Disney Couture Bangle 
AU 46.27 GBP 28
Lace Waisted Dress  AU 36.35 GBP 22
Oasis Floral Ball Hoop Earrings  AU 10.74 GBP 6.50
Oasis White Bow Pendant Watch AU 23 GBP 13

I love this outfit. I love every piece. I hope you like it too.