Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cleaned Up My Wardrobe!

Inspired by the gorgeous Charlotte of Sugar and Spice, as she posted an entry about her wardrobe and dresser, I finally took on the gargantuan task of cleaning up and organising my main wardrobe!
My dresser is in no fit form to be seen, but if I shift things around, I won't know where anything is, so it gets to stay as is and be my untidy little secret ^_^

I thought about doing before and afters, but the befores were far too shameful.
Yay Organisation!
I am supremely blessed in that this is only one of my wardrobes. The top cupboards hold shoes and luggage, and a lot of The Boy's old videogames and figurines. The wardrobe is in a room we refer to as 'my' room, which is pretty large and has no real purpose. We have 3 spare rooms and this is one of them, we own a 3 bedroom 2 lounge room house and have utilised the back lounge as a super big bedroom. I love it.

My cabinet of DOOM
Outfits to wear

I have quite a few dresses stashed around the house in various states of laundering, in addition to many many piles of random clothing here and there. I'm working on it.
My display cabinet and some treasures
A random assortment of homeless things

And a Disney princess balloon.

Which is about 18 months old now, and still going strong. <3

So, thats my main wardrobe, even if it looks terribly empty. It is where I keep my newest dresses, my shoes, and the handbags I use most (other than my everyday bottomless pit bag.) Also homeless things, childhood books, and the DVDs that The Boy doesn't want to admit are in his house. Apparently having my Friends boxset and such in the loungeroom is one thing but my holographic pink Barbie boxset or the Buffy DVDs are across some sort of line. Go figure. I have 3 other closets and another set of built in wardrobes, and many many many chests of drawers.

Eventually I'd like this room to be like a large dressing room, with a full length mirror and a couch and cube shelves to display my shoes. In the meantime, I settle for the bathroom mirror across the hall and spending time elsewhere, with my shoes in a pile in the pretty pink chifforobe. Le sigh.

A parting shot, my windows. Love.

With so much love,

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