Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Early Morning Wishlist Wednesday

It's 2.51am, and I can't sleep. It's only just Wednesday, but I thought I'd do a wishlist nonetheless. I'm in love with Polyvore. I've got just about my whole wardrobe on there, clipped, tagged and categorised. I can put virtual pieces together so easily, matching up shoes, accessories, bags and makeup! Lovely.

Also, as seen below, I like to play with stamps and things, maybe too much, ha!

So here's some of the stuff that I'm currently lusting over, hope you enjoy!

Loving Pastels

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Okay So I Lied About Being Back Before

But I'm back again now.

I was feeling quite disillusioned with the whole concept of blogging, feeling like noone was reading and there wasn't any point, but I've decided to just come back, say what's on my mind, share pretty pictures of clothes and whatnot, and if I'm writing to myself, I'm writing to myself. At least it's like keeping a diary, I loved looking back through my old posts and seeing how things have changed, seeing clothes and accessories I'd totally forgotten, and reading little details about my own life I'd completely forgotten.
This doesn't have to be strictly a fashion blog, and that might have been one of the mistakes I was making. So I'm just going to blog what is on my mind.

I've bought a few little things lately, and spread my purchases a little further than my usual 'just spend all my spare money on ASOS' blinders. I HAVE bought a few things on ASOS, and I've been having fun on Polyvore.
If anyone wants to see what anything looks like on, just ask :)

ASOS Summer
Some of the things I've bought for Summer on ASOS <3