Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a quick photodump of some of my best motivators

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Okay, so I've lost a bit of weight on my own, put it back on, took it back off - I'm sick of it.
I am sick of trying really hard to lose weight and then putting it back on the second I come within sniffing distance of a carbohydrate. So, no more no-carb diets - I'm trying the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, and I am pretty excited about it.
Scared is probably a more accurate term, but I'm committed to the program, and to blogging about the program. I'll still blog a bit about clothes and everything - maybe more than before? - but my focus is on getting fitter, smaller, and healthier. I have a whole wardrobe of brand new summer UK18 dresses, skirts, shorts, blouses, belts, and other exciting things waiting for me. I can't wait to blog about them. I can't wait to fit in them. I really hope taking photos will be less painful then - I do so want to keep a pretty blog but its hard to blog about clothes when the pictures make you cry.

Heres a picture that really got me thinking -

Lets do this thing! I hope I gain some followers from posting this on the 12WBT forums, because I would love to think someone was reading, keeping me honest and accountable. It's hard sometimes to stay true to a plan when nobody is watching.

I have 35kg to lose - wish me luck?!

Much love to anyone out there who just wants to love the skin they're in - but thinks that maybe it could use a little downsizing action.
Happy thoughts -

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Early Morning Wishlist Wednesday

It's 2.51am, and I can't sleep. It's only just Wednesday, but I thought I'd do a wishlist nonetheless. I'm in love with Polyvore. I've got just about my whole wardrobe on there, clipped, tagged and categorised. I can put virtual pieces together so easily, matching up shoes, accessories, bags and makeup! Lovely.

Also, as seen below, I like to play with stamps and things, maybe too much, ha!

So here's some of the stuff that I'm currently lusting over, hope you enjoy!

Loving Pastels

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Okay So I Lied About Being Back Before

But I'm back again now.

I was feeling quite disillusioned with the whole concept of blogging, feeling like noone was reading and there wasn't any point, but I've decided to just come back, say what's on my mind, share pretty pictures of clothes and whatnot, and if I'm writing to myself, I'm writing to myself. At least it's like keeping a diary, I loved looking back through my old posts and seeing how things have changed, seeing clothes and accessories I'd totally forgotten, and reading little details about my own life I'd completely forgotten.
This doesn't have to be strictly a fashion blog, and that might have been one of the mistakes I was making. So I'm just going to blog what is on my mind.

I've bought a few little things lately, and spread my purchases a little further than my usual 'just spend all my spare money on ASOS' blinders. I HAVE bought a few things on ASOS, and I've been having fun on Polyvore.
If anyone wants to see what anything looks like on, just ask :)

ASOS Summer
Some of the things I've bought for Summer on ASOS <3

Friday, January 27, 2012

I've Been A Very Naughty Blogger

I have been super slack. October? Is that really when i last posted? Land sakes!

Well, I'm back now, my darlings, and I have so much to share.


  • We adopted a  dog! Her name is Blossom, and she is a maltese shi tzu, 9 years old, and if we hadn't taken her, she would have been euthanased as she has (had!) behavioural issues, apparently her old family had a baby so didn't have time for her any more, but she had a massive distrust of people, especially new people, was quite aggressive and snarly so we were the only people who would consider adopting her. (We got her from a girl David went to high school with, Blossies original family was her cousins family.) She took to us on the first day after a couple of hours of fussing and hiding. She sleeps in our bed and loves to cuddle David while he is on the computer. She just wants to be cuddled all the time, and might be the sweetest dog I ever met.
Blossom on her first day in her forever home <3
  •  I bit the bullet and cut off a lot of my hair! Eek! Also went an awesome deep auburn, which is now a wishy washy ginger. I'd re-auburn it but I'm thinking about what kind of colour I REALLY want.
    New hair

    • I met Alan Davies! Very very funny, very down to earth. My David and I went to his comedy show, Life Is Pain, at the GORGEOUS State Theatre in Sydney. He made fun of my laugh during the show - in a nice way - and signed a book for me after the show. "To Mittens, The Woodland Creature. Love Alan Davies". I'll treasure it forever, ha ha.
    Dress and necklace from ASOS. Love the dress SO much!
    •  David turned 26. I kind of hadn't realised how old he was getting, I'm only 22. I know it is only 4 years difference, but in 4 years time I'LL be 26, he'll be 30. I have to remind myself I'm an adult sometimes. :P            ANYWAY, we had a lovely birthday lunch for him at Tokkuri Sake Wine Bar, and it was FANTASTIC. Great food, great sake, he was happy, I was happy, bliss.
    Black Jersey Body and Camel Knit Skirt both from ASOS Curve :)
    Yummies and a content Davie

    I'll do a December post tomorrow, so very much has been going on! I'm just glad to be back in the blogosphere, showing off my lovely life and lovely clothes. Speaking of clothes, one last picture to sign me off, a skirt from ASOS I've been eyeing off since July and finally bought on sale!

    Love, Emma