Friday, August 24, 2012

Just a quick photodump of some of my best motivators

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Okay, so I've lost a bit of weight on my own, put it back on, took it back off - I'm sick of it.
I am sick of trying really hard to lose weight and then putting it back on the second I come within sniffing distance of a carbohydrate. So, no more no-carb diets - I'm trying the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, and I am pretty excited about it.
Scared is probably a more accurate term, but I'm committed to the program, and to blogging about the program. I'll still blog a bit about clothes and everything - maybe more than before? - but my focus is on getting fitter, smaller, and healthier. I have a whole wardrobe of brand new summer UK18 dresses, skirts, shorts, blouses, belts, and other exciting things waiting for me. I can't wait to blog about them. I can't wait to fit in them. I really hope taking photos will be less painful then - I do so want to keep a pretty blog but its hard to blog about clothes when the pictures make you cry.

Heres a picture that really got me thinking -

Lets do this thing! I hope I gain some followers from posting this on the 12WBT forums, because I would love to think someone was reading, keeping me honest and accountable. It's hard sometimes to stay true to a plan when nobody is watching.

I have 35kg to lose - wish me luck?!

Much love to anyone out there who just wants to love the skin they're in - but thinks that maybe it could use a little downsizing action.
Happy thoughts -