Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Gosh What Work To Do

Well, even though I have no readers as of yet, I'm going to be photographing and posting the things that I buy - clothes, accessories, and little lovelies and treasures...  but it seems I'm more addicted than I thought.
In addition to a couple of swimsuits from ASOS I can't wait to find the courage to post, I just received a GIANT box from Urban Outfitters (living in Australia there is no point ordering from there unless you're going to order big, $30 flat rate shipping, eeek!) and ANOTHER parcel of dresses from ASOS! I am waiting on playsuits, boots, skirts, a blouse,hair accessories, a jewellery rack and some other bits and bobs from ASOS; socks and a luggage bag from Dorothy Perkins... and thats all just this fortnight. I dread to think what next fortnight will look like!
Rocketdog Ramp Up Boot by ASOS

 I was going to post some pictures from a trip I took to a local Japanese garden with my lovely fellow, but my camera and SD card seem to have gone wandering, which is really a pain at a time like this with so much to photograph and a blog to launch! I had 3 OOTD photos on there as a sort of cheat so I could have easy posts to pad out the blog while I organised the rest.

Playsuit in Leaf Print by ASOS Curve
Playsuit in Dandelion Star Print by ASOS Curve
 Just so I'm not dealing with massive blocks of text, I've interspersed pictures of my most recent order from ASOS, which I am desperately waiting for!!
[I am unsure about such a big boot, but I'm feeling brave... I want to wear it with pretty floral dresses!]

Well, until my camera turns up, [or I get really bored]
much love,

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