Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Mandatory Introductory Post

Hello all!
I'm Emma, a 22 year old Australian girl.
I fancy myself a little bit British, a little bit artistic, and a little bit posh. Also quite a nerd, quite tall - quite large in general - and totally and utterly ADDICTED to fashion, Disney, Sanrio, and vintage everything.
I've been lurking in the plus size fashion blogging community for a while and it has really helped me find myself, find some awesome clothes, and find the confidence to start my own blog! You girls are fantastic and I have been just dying to get involved!
I hope you'll stick around, and we can get to know each other a bit better as time goes on. In the meantime, why don't you link your blog, if you have one, or tell me something about yourself? I promise I will read everything, I have more free time than I know what to do with!

What is your favourite way to spend time at home?

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